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Bright River’s 3D platform – Rendered, takes the hassle out of 3D content creation and management. Our content pipeline has been designed to make it as easy as possible to start integrating 3D and AR into your ecommerce site.

Get more for less and

optimise your ROI

All output delivered through Rendered is industry standard and is multi-use across platforms, devices and end-to-end solutions.


Model files as FBX, OBJ and DAE formats


PBR metal roughness texture set in 4K PNG format

3D assets

GLB and USDZ files as standard for all products


7 product renders at 3000 px in JPG format

360 spin

A full 36 frame 360 spin at 1500 px in JPG format

Embed link

Implement the 3D viewer into your product pages

Create 3D assets

The Rendered platform simplifies the process of digitizing products. Just a few product images are required to create high quality and accurate 3D assets, that can be used for interactive solutions and virtual photography.

Product variations at a fraction of the price

Creating variations of the “master” product is significantly cheaper after it has been produced. Variations can be made for either model or material changes, this allows customers to visualize more configurations which improves customer satisfaction and reduces returns.

An automated workflow that scales

Order creation

Easily create orders for products and their linked variations.

3D content production

Dedicated 3D experts will create the 3D assets, highly detailed and consistent.

Final output

Download final output in the platform, everything you’ll need to implement 3D and AR.

Manage your 3D digitized products

Track orders

View and track order statuses and get notified when your attention is needed.

Review in 3D

Our build-in 3D viewer allows you to review 3D assets directly in the platform.

Financial overview

Approve estimates, view invoices and export account data for your own records.

Take control of your 3D assets

Keep track of all your orders and know exactly what the status is of those orders. You’ll get notified once something is ready for review or completed.

7 day – average turn around time

1 revision – or less on average is needed

In platorm QA

Eliminate the need for endless emails and ongoing phone calls with 3D designers. Our visual quality assurance tool enables you to examine the product in 3D from every perspective, streamlining the process for requesting modifications during production.

Digital 3D DAM

Your digitized final output, along with the embed codes, are securely stored in your account and can be easily accessed whenever you need them.

Connect through API and retrieve digitized content to integrate directly with your own internal tools.

All subscriptions include both storage and hosting, with all 3D assets ready to implement.

Embed 3D assets within minutes

Implement 3D product viewers and augmented reality within minutes into your ecommerce product detail pages.


Secure iframes are called via read-only API and allow for hassle-free and quick integration of our 3D product viewer with AR.


3D product viewers can be embedded directly in pages, while the storage and hosting is still managed by Rendered.

Platform plugins

Simplify integration even further and integrate the 3D product viewer and AR globally in your e-commerce site with our platform plugins.

Even easier with QR codes

Dynamic QR codes

3D product viewers include dynamic QR codes for desktop users, this allows customers to seamlessly view the product in AR while browsing on desktop.

QR code images

QR code images can also be added to PDP’s or product carousels, eliminating the need for any I.T. involvement. Additionally, it will help minimize the impact on page load speeds while still providing an interactive solution to view the product in 3D and AR.

Real-time analytics

Track users and how they interact with your digitized products directly from your account in the Rendered platform.

Embed views

Embedded 3D assets are automatically tracked and you’ll start receiving data as soon as they are added to product pages.


Both the interaction with AR, full-screen mode and QR code behaviour are tracked, so you’ll know how customers use your 3D assets.

Add to cart

Add to cart events can also be tracked to give you accurate conversion data compared to the 3D and AR views.

Privacy focused

Fully GDPR compliant, we don’t track or collect any user’s IP address or any other identifiable statistics.

Easy Google Analytics integration

Integrating Google Analytics with our 3D product viewers is straightforward and efficient. Businesses can track user interactions, from basic views to advanced AR engagements.

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