Content validation and enrichment for consistent quality at scale.

Consistent content for all your SKUs. Say goodbye to supplier assets that looks inconsistent. Create easy-to-navigate product categories for an optimal shopping experience.

Consistent product categories

Offer your shoppers a consistent shopping experience across all product categories.

Highly accurate search results

Your shoppers find the right product much easier using very specific search terms

Adaptable to your workflow

We can fully adapt our workflow to integrate seamlessly into yours.

How it works

Maintaining product content consistency across all product categories can be challenging if you work with vendor-supplied imagery. We can help ensure the visuals and the data attribution are spot on.

Visual & Data check

First, we check if all required visuals and data are provided. If not, we reject the image and deliver them back to you, indicating what is missing.

Attribution & Search

After validation, we can help you with the attribution, enabling very specific search functionalities so your clients can easily find the products they need.

Corrections & Publication

Finally, we can correct minor imperfections in your visuals, such as padding, changing the background, or consistent shadow use, leaving you ready-to-publish content for all your SKUs.

How can we help improve your content validation and enrichment process?

No two workflows are the same. That is why we need to understand your specific requirements regarding content validation and enrichment. This way, we can provide you with best-practice recommendations for an optimal workflow. Let’s discuss the possibilities in a quick call.