With the rise of e-commerce businesses, many companies are turning to photo editing services to give them an edge in the digital marketplace.

Photo editing can provide professional, high-quality images that promote products and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether it’s retouching, color correction, background removal, or adding effects and filters, there’s a myriad of ways in which photo editing services can give e-commerce businesses an advantage.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using photo editing services for e-commerce, explore different types of services available, and discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. keeping photo editing in-house. Finally, we’ll provide tips on selecting the right service provider for your business needs.

Table of contents

  • Why choose professional editing services for your business
  • The different types of photo editing services
  • The possibilities of photo editing services
    • Digital retouching
    • Color correction
    • Background removal
    • Image resizing
    • Adding effects and filters
    • Recoloring
    • Invisible mannequin
    • Combined solutions packages
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing vs in-house photo editing services
    • Outsourcing photo editing
    • Having an in-house editing team
  • Selecting the right service provider for your e-commerce businesses’ needs
    • Understand your needs and goals
    • Researching potential providers’ reputations and portfolios
    • Why it pays to choose Bright River as your photo editing partner
    • Schedule a call or start using our photo editing services right away



Why choose professional editing services for your business

Photo editing services provide e-commerce businesses with a wide range of benefits.

They help create professional and visually appealing images to use in ads, websites, and other promotional materials. They make it easier for e-commerce businesses to keep their product images consistent across multiple platforms.

Using photo editing services can save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire additional staff for in-house editing and ensure that products are showcased in their best light. The exemplary photo editing service can be invaluable in making your business stand out from the crowd.


The different types of photo editing services

A wide range of photo editing services are available for e-commerce businesses today. Some services offer a wide array of product photography editing, like Bright River, while others are limited to more general image manipulation, such as cropping or basic retouching.

Professional photographers and editors can also be hired to create custom images or work with existing ideas to bring out their full potential. For those looking to save money and time, many companies offer automated photo editing tools that are both fast and easy to use.

By taking advantage of the right photo editing service, you can enhance your products’ visibility and make sure they look perfect before going live.


The possibilities of photo editing services

Photo editing services open up a world of possibilities for businesses. With the right photo editing techniques, you can make your products look more appealing and capture potential customers’ attention.

You can enhance colors and shadows, remove unwanted objects or distractions in the background, accentuate certain aspects of the product with depth and contrast adjustments, and fine-tune the details to bring out its finest features.

We’ll take you through the possibilities of photo editing to help you choose the exemplary service for your business.


Digital retouching

Digital retouching is a popular service offered by many photo editing companies, and it’s ideal for e-commerce businesses looking to make their products stand out from the competition. It can involve anything from airbrush-style edits to removing blemishes or distracting elements in the image.

Professional editors can also use digital retouching techniques to add visual interest, identify elements, and emphasize particular features in product images. By taking advantage of digital retouching services, businesses can ensure that their product photos look flawless and ready for sale.


Color correction

Color correction services are essential for e-commerce businesses that want to showcase their products in the best light. It helps ensure that product images look accurate and consistent by making minor adjustments, such as reducing color casts or correcting the white balance.

Additionally, color corrections can enhance an image’s overall look and feel, highlighting details that might have been lost or muted by poor lighting or other factors. Therefore, professional color correction services ensure that your e-commerce business has beautiful images that accurately represent its products every time.


Background removal

With background removal services, businesses can take product images and give them a polished, professional look by removing distracting elements in the background. Freeing up unwanted space makes products stand out more, creating a more precise image that puts the focus on what matters: the product.

Background removal services also help reduce the overall file size, which means faster loading times for web pages and a better user experience. An extra benefit of removing the background: it makes it easier to use your product images on different channels alongside your website, such as ads or promotional e-mails.


Image resizing

Resizing images allows businesses to adjust the size of an image, enabling them to make the product fit perfectly into a designated area or display it in its original form while still meeting the necessary constraints.

With image resizing, businesses can optimize their images for webpages, ensuring images look clear and sharp on any screen size and resolution without sacrificing quality or detail. As a result, professional photo resizing services provide your e-commerce business with appealing images optimized for every platform.


Adding effect and filters

Effects and filters can add an artistic flair to product images, making them more attractive and eye-catching. They can also enhance the overall look of a product by adding depth, texture, or color.

With effects and filters, it’s possible to customize your product images to create a unique customer experience that will make the products stand out from the competition. This is perfect for adding style to your products and brand that will appeal to your target audience and your basic pack shots.



Digitally recoloring product images is a great way to save time in the production process, as it eliminates the need to photograph the various color variations of the same product. With recoloring, the color can be altered digitally in post-production.

This results in faster turnaround times and allows businesses to focus on other tasks related to their product’s launch. Additionally, digitally recoloring product images also ensures consistency across all photos, ensuring customers have a better visual experience when browsing your stores’ products.


Invisible mannequin

Invisible (or ghost mannequin) editing is integral to any e-commerce business’s photo editing process. This technique involves removing the mannequin from product images, allowing them to showcase the item without any distractions. In addition, removing the mannequin from a product image gives customers a better view of the item while still being able to see how it looks on the model.

By using professional invisible mannequin services, you get the highest quality results and give customers a clear vision of what they are buying.


Combined solutions packages

Combined photo editing solutions packages are perfect if you want to improve your business’s product photos in multiple ways. With these packages, e-commerce businesses can quickly get professional results that will make their products look fantastic with minimal effort.

The best part is that bundling all of these services together can save time and money while still getting great results.

If you’re interested in combined editing solutions for your business, look at this page for more information.


Pros and cons of outsourcing vs. in-house photo editing services

Outsourcing and in-house photo editing services each have their own advantages and disadvantages for e-commerce businesses. Choosing the right option depends on your company’s goals, resources, and budget.


Outsourcing photo editing

Regarding outsourcing photo editing services, e-commerce businesses benefit from access to professional editors with specialized skills. Outsourcing your photo editing is often more affordable than permanently employing an in-house team. It’s also faster to find an external editing partner than trying to hire in-house editors.

Another advantage is that the right professional editing services providers can deliver at a larger scale and with faster turnaround times. However, outsourcing has downsides, such as the unpredictability of quality and communication issues when working with remote teams.

Having an in-house editing team

On the flip side, having an in-house photo editing team offers the added benefit of greater control over the look and quality of product images. It allows for more consistency among images used on websites or marketing materials since the same team with similar standards edits all photos. Having a dedicated staff also means holding them accountable for any issues is easier.

The best solution for more prominent companies might be to use the best of both worlds: benefiting from the volume and turnaround times of a professional editing services provider and having your in-house editing team safeguard your brand identity and the consistency of your visual content.


Selecting the right service provider for your e-commerce businesses’ needs

Selecting the right service provider for your e-commerce business needs is an important step that requires careful consideration. It would be best to consider your needs and goals and potential providers’ reputations and portfolios.

Understand your needs and goals.

First, it’s essential to understand the needs and goals of your company when it comes to image editing services. Consider what type of images you need to have edited, how much editing is required for each image, and how quick the turnaround times need to be. This will help ensure that the selected service provider can provide all necessary services to your company’s requirements.

Researching potential providers’ reputations and portfolios

Next, it’s essential to research potential providers’ reputations and portfolios before investing in any services. Review reviews from previous customers and sample work from portfolio websites or social media accounts to understand better the quality of work provided by potential providers.

It’s also wise to inquire into pricing models, turnaround times, customer support, and copyright policies. That way, you’ll get a clear picture of what you get for your money before you commit yourself to an editing partner.

At Bright River, you can learn more about our services and the possibilities for your business through a quick online call, free of charge and without commitment.

Why it pays to choose Bright River as your photo editing partner

Image editing is no longer a tedious task that requires complex processes and too much of your time. You can easily outsource high-volume, intricate image editing. Our team of Client Success Managers will help you with the Intake & Onboarding process and set up the specifications for large-scale production jobs. We guarantee a smooth transition and fast delivery of the final product – perfect for your complex and high-volume projects.