Seamless workflow integration

Improve workflow efficiency by seamless API integration or plug & play Auto Fetch & Push FTP integration


Multiple data logistic solutions
Our editing infrastructure is set up in such a way we can offer you the lowest total cost of editing possible.

Fully integrated with STREAM
Connect your workflow to STREAM, our powerful post-production management platform for high efficiency.

Create end-to-end solutions
Connect with your preferred studio management software and capture hardware for an end-to-end solution

Full developer support
Our team of dedicated developers is more than happy to help you with the integration

Connect your tech stack with ours through our developer API

The Bright River Web Service (WS) offers developers a way to integrate Bright River into their own software package. The WS is currently being used in a diverse group of programs, ranging from simple cron job scripts to complex image managing software. The WS has the same functionality as the website: you can set instructions per image or per job, images can be rejected and the job status can be monitored, amongst other things.


Want to see some examples?

We have various examples available in Java and C#.NET: simple proof of concept examples, as well as a multi-threaded application with GUI, embedded database, and custom FTP client

Whatever suits your workflow best, we offer multiple solutions for data logistics.

Customize your data logistics to and from Bright River using our API

Our user-friendly online application for easy up- and downloading.

Secure web access, without the need for an FTP of your own

Not only your login credentials are encrypted but also the data you send.

The easiest and fastest way to get your images to and from Bright River.

Connect to STREAM, our powerful post-production platform with our API

From point of capture to studio management

Produce high-quality visual product content at scale with the StyleShoots workflow integration

Upload all images created on a StyleShoots Eclipse or Live directly to Bright River with the push of a button to speed up your post-production workflow.

Easily integrate with one of our studio management solution partners. Or one of your own choosing.

Simplify the digital asset production workflow through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks, and real-time status management.

Take back control over your high-volume e-commerce photography with our powerful end-to-end studio management software.


All there is to know about seamless workflow integration – in only 20 minutes

Let’s explore your options during a quick introductory call. Our team of developers is happy to help you with the integration using our API, regardless of your current tech stack.