Increase conversion with
Mobile Ready Hero Image

Turn your standard packshots into Mobile Ready Hero images to help online mobile shoppers find the product they need more easily. This will reduce returns and increase conversions across all your mobile channels.


Why optimize your images for mobile shopping?

Double-digit conversion increase
Up to double-digit conversion rate increases across all mobile shopping platforms

Lower returns
Significantly fewer returns due to no more ‘accidental’ basket adds

Risk-free online mobile shopping
Mitigated perceived risks of online mobile shopping

Better shopping experience
Increased customer loyalty through better online shopping experiences.

Consistent digital shelf appearance
A consistent digital shelf appearance for a pleasurable mobile shopping experience. 

Easily integrated into your current workflow
Creating MRHIs is easily integrated into your existing post-production workflow without compromising quality or turnaround times.

Mobile ready hero images perform significantly better


Unilever tested the use of MRHIs for both food and non-food products and saw performance increases by up to 24%, compared to traditional packshots


Visual Clarity tests show online shoppers are can recognize ‘What the product is’, ‘Which variety it is’ and ‘How much of it is there’, significantly better with MRHIs than standard packshots.

Visual clarity is key for an optimal mobile shopping experience

For an online shopper to make a well-informed purchase it is essential the key elements are easy to visually recognize. The key elements for visual clarity are also known as the 4Ws:

  1. Who is the brand?
  2. What is it?
  3. Which variety is it?
  4. hoW much is it?

Constructing the most effective MRHIs

We create mobile ready hero images that will optimize the Visual clarity of your product images


Adding an off-pack size lozenge within the image frame next to the product shot.


Adjusting the labels by zooming in on relevant components such as logos and brand names, and removing irrelevant clutter such as ingredients or barcodes.


Changing the product crop and/or zoom and/or the label size on the product

Easily integrated into the highly efficient Bright River workflow

We create mobile ready hero images that will optimize the Visual clarity of your product images

All there is to know about Mobile Ready Hero Images – in only 20 minutes

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