Online jewelry sales are set to skyrocket with the introduction of Bright River’s next generation of AI-generated virtual models. This groundbreaking AI technology offers a more humanized look and feel to the virtual models, inspiring creativity and revolutionizing the e-commerce world.

The e-commerce industry has significantly transformed in recent years, leading to an increasing demand for captivating content. To meet this growing demand, online retailers have been searching for solutions to overcome the challenge of creating conversion-driving content for all product categories, including jewelry.

AI integration by major brands
Major players in the e-commerce industry, such as LVMH, Nike, Pandora, Asos, Tiffany & Co, Inditex, Levi’s, and H&M, have already integrated some sort of AI into their content strategies. Based on their success, AI technology is now being introduced to a wider market of e-commerce content. Bright River has partnered with multiple online retailers to address the challenges of photography for the AFA (Apparel, Footwear & Accessories) industry.

Contextualize for better purchasing decisions
Traditionally, jewelry is presented online through product pack shots, as using models can be cumbersome and costly. However, consumers require contextualization to make better online purchasing decisions during their shopping journey. By including models in the imagery, retailers can provide the necessary context and showcase the dimensions of the jewelry products.

Customer requests
Bright River’s AI journey began with customers requesting to create on-model imagery based on product pack shots and basic model shots. After processing millions of on-model images, Bright River started experimenting with AI models.

Photorealistic AI models
Generative AI, a machine learning-powered technology that can create new images and videos based on data, is now being utilized to create virtual models. With Bright River’s 3rd Generation of photorealistic AI-driven Virtual models, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between a Virtual model and a human model.

Increase conversion rates
Bright River’s e-commerce customers can access a wide selection of Virtual models that align with their brand and specific needs for different product categories. This technology enables them to include on-model imagery across all product categories, reducing time-to-web, increasing sales conversion rates, and minimizing product returns.

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