Invest in High Quality Visuals

High-quality product images have the power to instantly grab the customer’s attention and make a strong first impression.

Trusted by 1000+ brands and retailers worldwide


of online shoppers

say they need to see multiple angles of a product before they make a purchase decision.


of consumers

say that the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product


of online shoppers

left a page due to the lack of information / pictures

Include multiple views of a product as separate images 

When online shoppers can see detailed visuals of a product, they are more likely to understand its features, benefits, and quality. This helps in creating confidence and reducing any doubts or uncertainties they may have, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates

The more of the product a customer can see before purchase the lower the chances are that it will be return. Showcasing your product under every angle will ultimately lead to lower your product return rates

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Did you know?

Shoppers aged 18-24 and 35-44 expect 8 images and 4-5 videos for each product.


Provide images that showcase all color options

More clicks to your website

When a customer is searching for a pair of shoes, they won’t simply type in “shoe” and go through the long list of options. They will try to narrow down their search by adding the color, size, and material, for example. Including variations such as; size, color, and material ensures that you help more customers see your product based on their search intent. 

Give your customers options

Showcasing product variations can lead to more sales. If a specific colorway is out of stock but available in another, the customer might go for the available colorway instead of leaving your page because it’s out of stock.

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Did you know?

95% of survey respondents said that color was their number one factor when choosing to purchase an item online.

Enable zoom so your customers

can see the details

Zoom features let customers get a closer look at specific parts of the product. Either a branding element like a logo or a design element such as a shoe buckle or a specific part of the shoe. This feature is crucial for very detailed items. 

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Did you know?

9% sales increase by enlarging product in images.


More product visual content without breaking the bank

Have you ever considered producing more product images without shooting all the product images? Virtual photography is the perfect combination between photography and 3D technology, resulting in photo-realistic product imagery.


Be consistent with layout, background, and quality

Consistency is key when it comes to Product Category Pages and Product Detail Pages. 

The consistency in the shopping interface and product imagery is what allows you to create the smoothest shopping experience for your customers. The inconsistency between product images will not only lead to damaging the customer experience but it will also negatively impact your brand image

Consistency facilitates easy browsing and navigation through your product range and increases the chances for your customers to find what they are looking for. 

It is crucial to always edit your supplier assets or vendor images to ensure they fit the overall look and feel of your website.

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Did you know?

56% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product from an online store if the product images were better.

Use a light, white, or neutral background 

Focus on the product

A product image on a white, light or neutral background clearly indicates the focal point of the shot because there are no other items that can steal the show. 

Shopping experience

A light or neutral background contributes to a smooth and easy browsing and therefore leads to a better shopping experience. Colored backgrounds on Product Category Pages can lead to a very visually heavy experience that some customers might find unpleasant.

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Did you know?

56% of online shoppers say they would not buy from a website if it had poor product photos.


Make images accurately represent the product

If your product photos don’t accurately represent the true color of your product, customers are likely to be disappointed when they receive their purchase. And if they’re not happy with the color, they’re much more likely to return the product.

To avoid this problem: color correcting your product photos is key. This simply means adjusting the colors in your photos so that they more accurately reflect the true colors of your products. 

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Did you know?

22% of people who regularly return products say that the main reason for doing so is the difference between product photos and the actual product.

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Combine several images of a garment to create an invisible mannequin look.


Show every available colour using our extremely efficient recolouring workflow.


Particularly useful for removing an object from its background when the edges are ‘fuzzy” like hair, fabrics, or fur.


Create perfect product imagery by removing scratches and blemishes, reducing wrinkles and creases, fixing the positioning, adding symmetry etc.

Shadow / Reflection

Portray your images as natural as possible by preserving natural shadows, or adding drop shadows and/ or reflections.

Colour Correction

We correct colour values and any colour dispositions, to ensure colour consistency across your entire product catalog.

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