Optimise your visual content production process

Bright River’s Visual Content Production platform makes it very easy to optimise your post-production process. The result is a streamlined workflow that saves time and cuts costs every step of the way.


With every step of the way optimised for efficiency, we deliver reliable consistency, regardless of volume or complexity.


Scripting and Machine Learning combined with dedicated and skilled image editors leads to a cost-saving workflow.


With STREAM, our visual content production platform, you are in full control of the entire process.


Machine learning and scripting automate certain parts of the process, saving valuable time and ensuring speedy delivery.

How the VCP Platform works


With our Open API we can integrate our workflow seamlessly into yours, regardless of the makeup of your technology stack. This makes order creation and data transfer smooth and easy and speeds up the process considerably. For less complex infrastructure we offer Auto Fetch & Push.


Efficiency through automation, that was the basic premise when designing the VCP platform. Through Machine learning and advanced scripting, we managed to automate all parts of the process that do not need human attention. We save massive amounts of costs while reducing the risk of errors to almost nil.


The human eye will continue to play a vital part in the production of visual content for years to come. By integrating specification panels into Adobe Photoshop and adding automated quality control protocols we free up time for our dedicated editing teams to focus on meeting your high-quality standards.


The Review tool is a key attribute to save time. It enables you to scan and flip through all edited images directly within STREAM. Large sets of images can be evaluated with maximum speed and efficiency. Speed up the correction process using the pencil and marker tool. Choose from predefined options or add custom instructions. This makes reviewing easier and faster for you and clear for us.

How we streamline the post-production workflow

Efficient onboarding ensures consistent editing quality and reliable turnaround times for even the most complex specifications.

Full control of your workflow and visual content management. Save time at every stage of the process with our post-production platform.

 We offer multiple data logistics solutions to handle large volumes, fully integrated with your technology stack if required.

With the amount of data that gets transferred to and from our servers, we take all steps necessary to make sure your data stays secure.


For Enterprise clients, starting at 30,000 images per year, the VCP Platform is perfectly suited. For lower volumes, we recommend creating a free online account to request a quote on your work.

Our visual product content services

E-commerce brands and retailers are challenged to provide online shoppers with an increasingly diversified mix of visual assets. With our end-to-end, scalable solutions, from complex post-production image editing and CGI creation to 360° renders and product video editing, Bright River empowers brands and retailers to increase revenue through effective online merchandising.

Image editing

We specialize in high volume, complex image editing. Our highly skilled and dedicated teams are capable of delivering high consistent quality, fully up to par with your specifications.

3D product visualization

Truly interactive shopping experiences are vital for e-commerce success. We can provide you with all the 3D assets necessary to build such experiences to wow your customers.

Product video editing

Add runway fashion videos to your product presentation portfolio. We can edit your video into an optimal visual e-commerce presentation, suited for your brand, objectives, and budget.

On time and on spec, or on us!

We understand that deadlines can be tight. And that budgets are stretched thin. That is why we offer consistent, risk-free quality delivered on time, regardless of the complexity with our Enterprise Service Level Agreement. This way we can guarantee our clients the flexibility, reliability, and control you should expect from a post-production partner.

It is like we are on the same floor in the same building. That is our promise and our entire team is dedicated to keeping that promise, time and time again. Please feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more.


Through our Open API, we can integrate our workflow seamlessly into yours, regardless of the makeup of your technology stack. If you have 30,000 or more images a year, please request a cost-savings calculation and we will be more than happy to show you how it works best for your specific set up.

Request a cost-savings calculation

For volumes of 30,000 and over only

Jeroen Gerretsen,
VCO & VCP expert / Co-founder