Start A/B testing with 3D and AR Visual Content at Scale

As a CRO expert, testing categories with 3D renders and AR can be challenging. It’s often complex and simply too expensive to obtain the right visual content on a large scale. But that’s no longer the case.

Now you can experience it for yourself with the Rendered Pilot. Validate increased customer engagement, higher conversions, and reduced product returns through the use of 3D and Augmented Reality.


Rendered Pilot Project

Are you ready to put 3D to the test on your own PDP?

Try it yourself with the Rendered Pilot Project: Validate increased Customer Engagement, higher Conversions, and decreased Product Returns with 3D and AR.


What will you get in this Pilot

To get you quickly up to speed and start your A/B test, we will help you create the visual content that you need. Our pilot includes:

  • 10 3D Rendered models of your products of choice

  • Rendered account, to help you implement 3D and AR on your product pages without hassle

  • 5000 views per model
  • We can provide the A/B Experiment definition
  • We help you analyze the results

Starting at $1500 (€1500)

Differentiate your brand and elevate your retail success

With the Bright River 3D/AR Pilot, your A/B-test possibilities go sky high! Experience the magic of interactive 3D models for furniture, home & living and electronics. We’ll deliver comprehensive 3D visual content and test scripts, empowering you to understand the impact on customer engagement and conversions.

Differentiate your brand and elevate your retail success with 3D and AR, with the convenience of swiftly created 3D objects and test scripts.


How to get started?

We offer a 30-minute intake session to discuss your unique challenges and requirements in detail. This conversation will help us understand your needs better and allow us to provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Input data
All Bright River needs is a list of product SKUs and their corresponding PDP URLs. Bright River will then source the product data and produce the 3D assets and additional output needed for pilot project.

Start now with a Pilot!

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