On-Model shots… without the need for models

Simplify your fashion imagery process with POS3D. Choose from three powerful solutions to produce On-Model imagery, without the need for live models at a fraction of the costs. 


How it works

A robust but straightforward idea to change the way fashion imagery is created. POS3D offers three powerful solutions: Mannequin, Collection, and Extension. Each with its own advantages but based on the same basic idea.

1) Choose a model and pose
Either use our existing models, your own previously shot models, or let us create one based on the mannequin you use when shooting your products.

2) Send us your on-mannequin images
No need for real-life models. Simply shoot the product on a mannequin and send us the images.


3) Download your ready to publish images
We combine your product shots with the models to create fantastic on-model fashion imagery, ready to publish on all your channels.

The technology behind POS3D

3D meets real-life photography

Combining a 3D rendered model body with real model faces we have created a whole range of models in various skin tones and poses. This technique also allows us to create any pose you would like and combine it with model heads you provide us with, adapting to skin tone and any specific lighting you may prefer.

Why POS3D?

Simplified process
Defining your style is easy and once done, our optimized workflow simplifies your on-model imagery process significantly.

Faster from studio to web
As there is no need for live models, you save time on styling, make-up, and shooting your image, resulting in a much faster studio-to-web time.

Consistent quality
Combining AI-enabled editing automation and quality control with highly skilled editors working with clearly defined specifcations, we deliver consistent quality.

Cost reduction
By shooting on-mannequin and adding the models later, you save on costs for make-up, extra stylists, and of course model fees.

More flexibility
With the POS3D solution, you can create endless combinations without having to re-dress the model for each different outfit.

No model dependency
Organizing an on-model shoot can be quite a hassle, as you heavily depend on model availability and how the clothes will fit the model.

Three powerful solutions

The best possible fit
With the mannequin used for your product shots as a blueprint, we create a custom made CGI rendered life-like model matching the exact pose and measurements to create the perfect fit. 

Hit the ground running
You choose the CGI models and poses from the POSED Collection library, and we warp your on-mannequin shot garments to create realistic on-model shots.

Revitalize your own assets
Using your previously shot on-model images as a foundation, we transform on-mannequin shots into new on-model imagery featuring your own models, without having to re-book them.

Download the POS3D brochure here

Creating Artificial Model shots by combining CGI, on-mannequin photography, and advanced post-production editing. Download a free copy of the POS3D brochure to see how it is done.

Efficient workflow

Manage it all in STREAM

STREAM is your full-service SAAS platform for managing both your workflow and your image library. It is for your daily and cumulative business with us. It has been developed for you to have more control and save more time.

The Review tool in STREAM is a key attribute to save time. It enables you to scan and flip through all edited POS3D images directly within the application. By displaying and comparing single images in ‘before’ and ‘after’ modus, large sets of images can be evaluated with maximum speed and efficiency.

A growing library of models

Combining a fully 3D generated model body with real model faces, we are building a growing library of poses, skin-tones, and backgrounds for quick and easy on-model shots.

Transform your on-mannequin shots into a full online shopping experience

With POS3D, you can now turn simple on-mannequin shots into full online shopping experiences. Show both invisible mannequins and on-model shots, add detailed shots and include whatever crop you desire. You can even add a shop-the-look option by combining several items on the same model.

Try it now for free

Let us show you the endless possibilities of POS3D with a free test run. Fill out the form and we will contact you to set up the test. No obligation and no charge.

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