You choose the CGI models and poses from the POSED collection, and we warp your on-mannequin shot garments to create realistic on-model shots.

Hit the ground running

Combining a fully 3D generated model body with real model faces, we are building a growing library of poses, skin-tones, and backgrounds for quick and easy on-model shots.

The end result

3 simple steps to create on-model shots without the need for real models

Choose a model and pose from the POS3D Collection model library

Send us the on-mannequin images.


We create realistic on-model shots.


Try the online POS3D Visualizer

With the POS3D Online Visualizer, you can choose the different poses and models, change the outfits, and play around with different backgrounds to see the full potential of this new way of on-model imagery

The big advantage of POS3D Collection

Quickly create on-model shots by using models from the POS3D Collection. It requires no startup costs and production is up and running fast.

Try it now for free

Let us show you the endless possibilities of POS3D with a free test run. Fill out the form and we will contact you to set up the test. No obligation and no charge.

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