Turn your Visual Content into a conversion magnet

Bright River’s Visual Content Optimisation platform empowers senior e-commerce professionals to base their decisions regarding visual content on research data. This leads to optimised visual content that creates engaging shopping experiences, resulting in increased conversion and decreased returns.


See how your combinations of visual product content stack up against your key competitors’ and industry standards.


Systematically identify opportunities to optimise your visual product content.


Decrease returns and increase conversions through research-driven decisions.


Experimentation platform configuration consult, including test batches of visual content, provided to validate our VCO recommendations.

The four pillars of e-commerce success

We believe that the foundation of e-commerce success is built on four pillars. The first is a solid SEO/SEA strategy backed by strong branding to generate traffic. Next, you’ll need a well-designed User Interface to offer an engaging User Experience. Thirdly, the Product Offer has to be just right. And finally, you need a strategy for your visual content optimisation.

In most cases, the first three pillars are the result of data-driven decisions and subject to constant testing and improvement. It often remains a challenge to make decisions regarding visual content based on solid research data. With the introduction of the VCO platform, Bright River offers an efficient way to start optimising the visual content on your e-commerce site without relying on aesthetics alone.


Bright River helps solve the problem of how to realise the visual content mix in an efficient and especially effective way.

How the VCO Platform works


In the Gather phase, we select assortments, key product categories, key audiences, key competitors and visual content variables relevant for the assessment. Then we compile a significant sample size of the visual product content that is a fair representation across all chosen variables using our Visual Content Scraper tool. The sample batches are then stored on STREAM Storage.


Once the sample batches of the visual product content are gathered, we run an analysis against the selected variables and competitors, using Azure Computer Vision technology and Alpha.One eye-tracking prediction software. The findings of this analysis are presented in a VCO audit report with the contextual editing data benchmarked to competitors.


Based on the analysis done in phase 2 we will make several recommendations for optimizing the visual product content. These recommendations are based on the research stored in our Knowledge Database. Test batches of the visual content are then created per recommendation, using STREAM, our visual content production platform.


Once the recommendation phase is finalized we move to the Validation phase. In this final stage of the VCO process, we offer an experimentation platform configuration consult, which includes test batches of visual content which we provide to validate our VCO recommendations. When you provide us with the performance data, we can optimise your VCO even further.

The impact and desired outcome of visual product content in e-commerce

How to get started

With the VCO Quick Scan, in addition to a few quick wins to implement straight away, you’ll gain immediate insights in your current Visual Content strategy from one of our VCO Experts. It is a great way to discover the power of the VCO Platform before you commit to the actual VCO Audit. The Quick scan is free of charge and comes with no obligations, provided that you have an annual volume that exceeds 30,000 assets.

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For volumes of 30,000 and over only

Jeroen Gerretsen
VCO & VCP expert / Co-founder Bright River