Define design and implement a winning Visual Content Optimization strategy

A truly experiment driven Visual Content strategy can generate both double digit conversion lifts as well as a substantial drop in returns. Often times though, Conversion Rate Optimization teams find themselves struggling with the feasibility of the necessary Visual Content experiments. We offer a range of solutions to help overcome this struggle so you can define, design and implement a winning Visual Content strategy.

We offer three efficient solutions to help you design your own Visual Content Optimization strategy. 

  1. VCO Training
    A high-paced training during which you’ll learn what VCO is and how you can apply it to your own business
  2. VCO Workshop
    A workshop for up to 8 of your team members in which you get to work on VCO using your own e-commerce site
  3. VCO Experiment
    A custom VCO Experiment including hypothesis, all test content and configuration of your experimentation platform