Creating engaging online shopping experiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey is pivotal for e-commerce success. That is why working together with Expivi brings real added value to the table. Both our companies wholeheartedly believe that 3D, with all of its many applications, plays a crucial role when creating the aforementioned online shopping experiences. By playing off each other’s strengths this collaboration offers huge benefits for both Expivi’s as well as Bright River’s clients.

Leading and award-winning 3D Product configurator, and Bright River are mutually preferred suppliers. For Expivi users this means benefitting from high-end 3D models developed by Bright River, ready to use on the entirely browser-based Expivi configuration platform. In turn, Bright River 3D model clients benefit from easy access to Expivi’s platform, enabling their shoppers to configure their products of choice quickly and smoothly.

About Expivi

After years of game development and specialization in 3D visualization technology, the founders of Expivi are bringing disruptive technologies to e-commerce. Revolutionizing the customer journey and experience of online shopping.

Expivi’s mission is to create the standard 3D e-commerce platform, by creating the standard for 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality in e-commerce.

As a startup and scaleup, Expivi has been recognized by many as an extremely innovative technology that is revolutionizing 3D e-commerce. Expivi has been awarded a wide range of awards for its technology.

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