To support the innovation-driven growth Bright River proudly presents a new Advisory Board. The Board consists of several representatives of shareholders and three external advisors, each bringing a wealth of relevant and complementary experience to the table. “We couldn’t be happier with the addition of such capable and knowledgeable professionals to our Advisory Board. They provide us with new and sharp insights, offer strategic guidance and give us access to invaluable contacts” says David Jonkers, CEO at Bright River.

The advisors:

Maurits Teunissen
Founder and CEO of StyleShoots, manufacturer of ‘Visual Content Production machines’; a range of innovative devices geared for highly automated photo and video production. StyleShoots and Bright River recently launched an integrated solution for their mutual clients, resulting in a streamlined and highly efficient visual content production process. Maurits started his career in Desk Top Publishing and content production at Apple – when it was yet to grow into the massive entity it is today – and witnessed the rise and coming of age of the industry.

Deborah Nas
As a professor of ‘Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation’ Deborah’s teachings cover the latest insights on technology and innovation methods. In her capacity as strategy and innovation consultant she gained massive experience by leading hundreds of corporate innovation projects.

Hans Jansen
Originally a programmer, Hans went on to become an entrepreneur. Today, he is an investor and advisor. He founded Woodwing Software, a company that develops software to help companies develop and publish content. Hans understands the challenges and complexity of visual content large ecommerce players deal with on a daily basis better than anyone.

‘Strengthened by such an Advisory Board, we are convinced we will increase our innovation rate exponentially” concludes Jonkers.