In a recent post, we talked about how image quality can affect e-commerce success. But now images are also getting bigger. Large, hi-res images are taking over e-commerce sites across the globe. Not only do bigger images make sites look significantly better, but more importantly they enhance the shopper’s experience, leading to more conversions into sales.

Recreating the offline shopping experience online
According to a study by Forbes, 50% of online shoppers say that large, high-quality product images are more important in their buying decisions than product information, descriptions or even reviews. This is great news for online retailers. For years now, e-commerce sites have been trying new ways of recreating the offline experience online. Though there will always be a gap between the two, most e-commerce sites are now trying to close it by using:

• larger product images

• 360-degree product shots

• product videos

If you offer thousands of products, large hi-res images from multiple angles prove to be the most cost-effective solution.

It’s all about the detail
Increasing the size of product images is a great first step, but successful brands don’t stop there. Zoom functionalities are increasingly popular and really boost the overall customer experience. In addition, multiple shots that show particular details of the product are becoming mainstream. As results show, products with multiple views available simply get more favorable ratings and reviews.


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Product and category pages
The effect of larger images is noticeable on both product and category pages. Category pages usually cram tiny images onto the page. By increasing image sizes, customers can see details early in the browsing and comparison process, making the overall shopping experience much more pleasurable. In a test carried out by Optimics on, the Czech Republic’s second largest e-commerce retailer, the product pages with larger product images resulted in a 9.46% increase in sales.

Big on mobile
As mobile data usage now accounts for more than 50% of all internet traffic, brands are providing high-quality images optimised for mobile devices. While the dreaded ‘fold’ still plays a role in desktop viewing, mobile users can be persuaded to swipe down to get more information if a large product image is the first thing they see. Furthermore, zooming in on mobile devices has become second nature so providing the highest resolution possible is absolutely essential. However, speed also plays a vital role in e-commerce success, so retailers must walk a fine line between speed and quality. Using multiple optimized versions of the same image in a responsive design has proven to be a winning strategy.

Retina or not
Retina displays are on the rise. Providing crisp and detailed images for these screens can really boost sales conversion rates. This calls for an optimised post-production workflow, since you will need to consider multiple factors before uploading the images to your website. We help our clients enhance that workflow because we can optimise images for all screen sizes. Through our AFP with MultiFile solution, we can help streamline your workflow by up- and downloading images in your selected folder structure, providing multiple versions of the same image.

Quality images have always been important for e-commerce success. But now, size does matter. And it is changing the look of sites for the better and driving up sales conversions. Ensuring your images look good on all screen sizes is increasingly important as more customers shop via mobile devices. This translates to an increased need to optimise image editing workflow. We can help you streamline this process, especially when dealing with high volumes.