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How 3D helps exceed customer expectations

One of the biggest opportunities for e-commerce today is to offer an online shopping experience that convincingly replicates or even improves upon in-store shopping. Coming up with innovative ways to present the product, and in doing so offering the client an extra level of interactivity, should really be a top priority for online retailers. 3D […]

Bright River presents powerful Advisory Board

To support the innovation-driven growth Bright River proudly presents a new Advisory Board. The Board consists of several representatives of shareholders and three external advisors, each bringing a wealth of relevant and complementary experience to the table. “We couldn’t be happier with the addition of such capable and knowledgeable professionals to our Advisory Board. They […]

Expivi and Bright River work together to help increase conversion

Creating engaging online shopping experiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey is pivotal for e-commerce success. That is why working together with Expivi brings real added value to the table. Both our companies wholeheartedly believe that 3D, with all of its many applications, plays a crucial role when creating the aforementioned online shopping experiences. By playing […]

Press release: Scalability and visual content workflow improved as Bright River and Shotflow integrate e-commerce technology platforms

E-commerce businesses scaling content production benefit from technology platforms embracing “open ecosystem” vision New York, NY, and Amsterdam, Netherlands – April 3, 2019: Bright River, a global leader in end-to-end visual product content solutions for e-commerce, announced its integration partnership with Capture Integration’s ShotFlow, offering more scalability to photo studios serving the e-commerce industry. High-quality […]

Press Release: E-Commerce Solution Providers Team up to Enable High-Quality Visual Product Content Production at Scale

Bright River and StyleShoots offer cloud-based integration to automate connection between production and image editing New York, NY, and Amsterdam, Netherlands – March 21, 2019: In continuing its ambition to provide the most efficient and effective visual content solutions to the global e-commerce industry, Bright River announced today that it will be offering seamless integration […]

Visual Product Content recognized as one of e-commerce’s biggest growth areas by investors

Bright River receives investment from Pride Capital Partners, (formerly known as Main Mezzanine Capital) to enable ambitious growth in visual content optimization New York, NY, and Amsterdam, Netherlands – February 12, 2019: Bright River, recognized as a global leader in visual content solutions for e-commerce brands, announced today that it has received substantial investment in […]

Bright River Bangladesh facilitates growth with beautiful new office space

Together with both Bright River Bangladesh’ Managing Directors & Co-founders, we recently festively opened the new office space of Bright River Bangladesh. The modern facility, which measures well over 5200 square feet offers fantastic workspaces to more than 440 editors, working in 3 shifts. With this exciting step forward, all editors are now operating on […]

The effects of high quality images on e-commerce success

Online purchases continue to climb at a massive rate. In order to win the favor of the customer, online retailers continually search for new ways to impress. But as new technologies and user experiences make their way across the web, shopper expectations continue to rise. Although new and improved technology always does well when it […]